Process Home Loan

The home loan process is often a seemingly long process, but when you talk with one of our Mortgage Domayne brokers we are able to streamline this process.

After you and your Mortgage Domayne broker have chosen the preferred home loan that suits you, now is the time to submit your application. Although lender processes may vary, our brokers will walk you through every step.


In this stage of finding your dream home, it is important to have a home loan pre-approved for a set sum. At this point in time, look at your eligibility for home owner grants and concessions, as well as your minimum and maximum loan amounts. It is important to ensure that you have a repayment strategy, as well as safeguarding your assets/incomes/debts. Our brokers at Mortgage Domayne can guide you to make this a stress-free situation.

Home loan application

At this stage, it is important to put your finances in order so you can effectively show that you are able to pay your loan for your application. Your mortgage broker will ask you for several important financial documents and arrange this for you.

The lender assesses your application, which generally takes up to 3-5 business days. The lender then provides their response to your Mortgage Domayne broker. You may receive conditional approval, which means the application is approved in principle subject to further paperwork being received (usually a property valuation).


Congratulations! Your application has been successfully received and now you’re approved for your home loan.

Post approval

At this stage, our brokers talk with you about your financial strategies for repayments. Your broker will ensure that all respective financial documents and paperwork is completed. We meet with you to discuss these documents.

Contract of sale

You will need to talk with your conveyancer/solicitor/settlement agent about your contract of sale which lists your property’s details (you will have gone over this with your property agent) is also required upon lodgement. Our brokers talk with you about this.

After the respective documents are completed, you may need to have mortgage insurance from your lender. This may take a day or two to finalise.

With that, your house is settled! Congratulations!

We will keep in touch with you through the life of your loan and we may contact you in case we come across something that is a little bit more suitable to your needs.

Do not go through the home loan process alone. Come see how we can turn this seemingly long process into a straightforward experience without experienced brokers’ assistance. We are here for you and are driven to get the best competitive rate for you. Talk with us today.

Home Loan Process