Income Protection

Income protection allows you to have the satisfaction to ensure that if you cannot work through a set period of time you are still able to maintain your lifestyle.

Income protection insurance substitutes your lost income if you cannot work due to injury or sickness and while you cannot work. This is a great option if you are someone who relies on their income. You might be a business owner, a part of working families, a professional or someone who uses their income to pay for their lifestyle.

Aside from the clear cover, it gives you to ensure that your way of life is not affected, income insurance helps to create a financial safety net.

We offer several different income protection plans and packages on offer, each with their respective policies to match your way of life. Our aim is to help you create a clear picture by providing you with well suited insurance policies. When looking at income insurance, your broker will talk with you to find the big picture and what aspects of your life may influence your chosen policies. This ensures that we help to find a great product that meets your needs.

Our specialised brokers meet with you and get to know what is vital to you. Help you to find one of our income insurance products which have outstanding premiums. Our premiums beat those offered directly by insurance providers. We pay out both over the long term or in one lump sum.

To see how you can protect your way of life by accessing income insurance, please call us or drop by our office to get a quote. We’re here to help.