Business Loans

Business loans are great at helping you reach your business goals, such as growing your company or expanding your capabilities.

Our brokers are passionate about helping you to achieve your business dreams. Like you, we want to see you succeed. Often mortgages for businesses are loans paid over a period of several years. Generally, with a business loan, the loans last three years, however, if you’re a smaller business expect a few more years. This is great for you as a business owner to ensure that you make repayments, regularly on your terms.

Paying off the loan and enquiring about the loan is great, because it shows you’re dedicated. It’s worth thinking about what you need to provide our lending partners to qualify for a loan. Our specialised and award winning brokers are happy to meet with you to discuss your options and instruct you on which documents are required to meet criteria. Often your broker will get you to think about things such as:

The affordability of your desired business loan and providing appropriate documents. These documents include balance sheets, profit and loss and tax returns from the last two years. It will help the lenders to determine whether your business will meet your future loan repayments.

What assets you will use to secure your loans e.g., property (residential, commercial or rural) depending on the type of business. It’s important to discuss this with your Mortgage Domayne mortgage broker.

The ability to continue repaying the loan seeing as sometimes our plans change, there’s increased competitor activity. It’s important to provide documents such as business contracts to discern if your business will have enough income to meet your future repayments.

The potential need to have some sort of guarantee to add extra security and meet certain criteria.

Our mortgages for business as created by our lending partners are created especially for you. It’s important to talk through your options with us as we are will find business loans for you with several important features of your choosing, such as a variable interest rate or a fixed interest rate loans.

Let us help you by removing the uncertainty and hassle of finding the right mortgage for business. We make it easier and get you the best rate available.

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