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Home Loans

Fixed interest rate loans, variable interest rate loans and interest only loans.
For most of us, buying a home without a mortgage is a mere pipe-dream. Scraping together the money needed to even to put all the money you need down into one neat payment is something, that only a few achieve.

Investment Loans

Fixed interest rate loans, variable interest rate loans and interest only loans.
Buying an Investment property is a very popular option for people looking to expand their wealth. If you’re looking at getting a loan for an investment property, our specialised staff can help you to organise a loan

Construction Loans

Construction loans are perfect for you when you are considering to build your own home or wanting to do renovations on your current property. At Mortgage Domayne we find construction loans to help you create the property of your dreams.

Guarantor Loans

A guarantor e.g., a family member, allows the equity in their own property or assets to be used to provide extra safety for the borrower’s loan. Let us help you approve your guarantor loan!

Self Employed Loans

Let us help you to ensure that you get a great self-employed loan options with the most desirable interest rates, which may be better than going directly to the bank.

Low Doc Loans

Low Documentation (Low Doc) Home Loans are specific to people who are self-employed and small business owners, with limited or no access to financial statements and tax returns. These are often very important documents when typically applying for a home loan.

Refinance Loans

Refinancing is a vital type of loan. It helps people, who have taken loans, to reassess the bigger picture and rearrange repayments to ensure that all aspects of their loan are most suited to their needs.

Second Mortgages

This type of loan is given its name because your first loan is the money you used to pay your house with and the second mortgage allows you to access the equity in your house.

Medical Professional Loans

If you are an approved medical professional or practicing doctor, you might be eligible for a home loan of 90% of the property value. Find out how.

Equity Release Loans

If you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve and you’re over 60, we want to ensure that you have the money you need so you can enjoy every moment of your freedom.

Fixed Rate Loans

One of the most popular loan options is a fixed interest rate loan, as it can save you a lot of money – especially when it comes to property loans, including residential loans and commercial property loans.

We want to help you to achieve your residential dreams by talking with us to see how we can help you with finding your ideal home. At Mortgage Domayne we work with our lenders to help you choose from a great variety of home loan products. Through our lending partners, we endeavour to help you with finding a great loans with a great rate when it comes to:

When you talk with us, talk about your savings and repayment strategies to ensure that we get the full picture. We will support you to find smart ways to manage your money via your loan options. Normally, the bigger your deposit, the less you have to borrow, and the more you will save in interest. If you already have a loan, we can find out what works better for you. By talking to us, you can find out what assistance you’re eligible for e.g., the Australian Government’s First Home Owner Grant. Also, have a look at our loan calculator to see how adding a little bit extra to your prospective repayments can have a huge saving in the long run.