Investment Loans

Buying an Investment property is a very popular option for people looking to expand their wealth. If you’re looking at getting a loan for an investment property, our specialised staff can help you to organise a loan. These loans are very similar to a normal home loan and can be easily managed.

Irrespective of your circumstances, with our lending partners, we can provide you several suitable options to make sure that you’re getting the best loan. We ensure that you get the best investment loan for your desired property, irrespective of if it’s residential or it’s a commercial property or something else.

We can find the best investment loans with the best variable home loan interest rates, the best fixed interest rates and interest only investment mortgage loan options available.

It is important to mention your situation, to make sure that the type of loan product you choose is suitable. If you’re looking at variable Interest rates, which have fluctuating interest rates and react to the official cash rate, you’ll have some flexible features like redrawing money. This is best suited to owner occupiers, rather than investors.

Alternatively, fixed rate interest loans are useful for when it comes to investors. It provides you with clear repayment guidelines. You have clear timelines as to when you will be able to pay off your loan.

With interest only loans, as the name suggests, you only need to pay for the interest in interest only loans. The principle amount is not paid for and it stays the same. You only pay the principle loan if you are selling your property or the interest-only period expires.

By obtaining an investment property loan with one of our award-winning Mortgage Domayne brokers, you have access to some of the best banks for investment property loans, as we liaise with our various lending partners. With so many options, it is important to talk with our mortgage brokers for a free assessment and compare investment loans to see which one is right for you. Ultimately, you save both money and hassle that comes with doing It yourself.

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