Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

Lump sum payments are a great way of reducing the amount of interest you pay on your loan.  They can be paid at any time whilst you continue to make your scheduled monthly repayments. The best time to make a lump sum payment is as early as you can whilst not hurting your emergency funds/savings. It is important not to put yourself at risk when making lump sum payments and ensure you have back-up funds for rainy days.

At Mortgage Domayne we want to make lump sum payments as easy, measurable, and as risk free as possible. By using our lump sum repayment calculator, you can find out how better off you can be by making a lump sum payment, how much interest you will save across the course of your mortgage and how much time you shaved off your total mortgage repayments.

If you wish to learn more about lump sums or want to discuss your results from the lump sum repayment calculator, contact us today to arrange an appointment.